about ghosts and falling out of love.

by The Orchestra Of Hugo Stiglitz

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released October 23, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: storm
A cloud hovering in the sky, I look up at it and wonder why I wake up in the morning with a grey outlook on life. I can only help but think of all the heartbreak and strife.

The storm is moving in, catching up with you. I wish you'd escape it cos I want you to be free. So fight it away until you are out of breath, and run away until you've just escaped death. Not like I did.

When it got me. I'll tell you now.

That's how I became a ghost.

And nobody ever told me how lonely it'd be.
Track Name: ghosts
There are ghosts in the walls and I don't know what they want
They live in my home and they won't leave my alone
Dwelling in the dusty bookshelves of the past, they'll forever repeat their history
They don't say why they're here, they don't say where they're from, it's all a mystery
There are ghosts in my head, there are ghosts in my eyes
There are souls in this world, and some of them will die
I thought I recorded this song already
But I haven't even written it down

I haven't made this song. It was the ghosts. They made me write this song.
Track Name: my imaginary friend
You are only my friend
Cos I made you up in my head
What's it like to know that you're not real?
Well at least you know how to feel
And you can tell what is right
Being where you are tonight
I'm okay with the fact that you don't exist
I'm okay with the fact that we'll never kiss
My imaginary friend

You are just my friend
That's okay cos I made you up in my head
Track Name: unchanged
You're pushing it big time making me think about that shit
Why would you do that when you're on the phone with me?
I am so done with all of it, I can't catch a break, and I have no luck
I hate to see you cry

My life is like a rollercoaster but at the moment I am stuck
At the top, full of pain and heartbreak
I wish so many things were different
But they'll just stay the same

It started with a drink and ended in the emergency room
Drunk my ass off but I'm not happy
Having a bad day, gonna pass out
I hope tomorrow will be better but I doubt it will

Thinking a lot about how I feel like I get so much less than everyone else
Even though I do so much
I just feel like I'm owed for everything I do
Here we go

I will die without anything good having happened in my life
Track Name: falling out of love.
I don't smoke cos I don't want my lungs to go black
I try not to eat fast food too much so I won't have a heart attack
I try not to cry in public so I don't make others feel bad
That's fine

I try not to drink to much so I don't embarrass myself
I try not to do bad things so I don't go to hell
But here's a secret please promise not to tell
I'd gladly do those things right now just to take the edge off

If they work that would be nice because I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

I'm a paranoid egocentric outward-looking angsty young man
And I need something to calm me down
I'm just a dumb little kid who doesn't give a shit
About anything
And I just feel really bad
About everything

I just want to lie down in the grass
And think about how i can't love anyone
And no one really loves me
But how will I go on singing this song
If I love no one and no one loves me?
I love no one and no one loves me
I love no one and no one loves me
I love no one and no one loves me
I love no one and no one loves me
I love no one and no one loves me
And that's not the right kind of mentality
Track Name: loneliness
I'm lying down in the grass
Looking at clouds, they're moving fast
Looking at trees, and how they sway
Oh how I wish I wasn't alone today
I'm alone, I'm alone

Walking down the streets of the city
Everyone looking at me like they're gonna hit me
Everyone looks so goddamn mad
Oh how I wish someone were here, that wouldn't be too bad.
I'm alone, I'm alone

Going to the job for an interview
This guy here doesn't hire me, so there's nothing to do
Looking at employees, some with their spouses
Oh how I wish I could live with someone in a high class house
I'm alone, I'm alone
So young and I'm alone
I feel like I'm so old but I'm alone

I don't want to be this way forever
This is a feeling I don't want to feel ever
But now I see you've come along
And I no longer have to sing this song about being so alone.
I'm not alone, anymore.
Track Name: gospel for poor, starving artists
I got an idea in my head for a song but then I think of something and it's gone
I got a thought about a thing for us to sing and I think about something that happens and it's gone
I wish that something mattered, I wish the pain that made me sadder would stop
I guess I'll never get famous but I'll always just give it all I got

I'll sing out loud, and I'll shout it out
Even if nobody hears me
I'll sing a tune, don't care what I'm doin'
Just make sure it feels good

It feels good and it's gone.
Good feelings are gone.

I want them. I know I can't have them, but I want them anyway.
Track Name: now what?
I lost feeling in my arm, and in my whole body
That doesn't stop my lyrics from getting written down, even if they're spotty
Bleeding the thoughts from my head
Writing autumn-themed lyrics about being dead
Of course no one knows what that's really like
I need to take a break from this verse, maybe ride my bike

Now what? Should I make something new?
Is it different?
Now what?

I lost feeling in my heart, and my soul
It seems as if where there used to be emotion, now there's only a hole
Bleeding from my head to my leg
I don't want to have to beg
I just want to close my eyes for a second
And I'll pretend I'm not singing for a while

Now what? What do I do?
Should I make more music?
Now what?