No One Cares What You Think

by The Orchestra Of Hugo Stiglitz

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released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ur Opinion Is Invalid
I can't believe that my favorite show was canceled can you believe what the networks did what the shit is that
I can't believe that you showed up to my party without an invitation who even does that
And I can't believe that you have that opinion because it's so wrong

You're wrong
For liking that
I can't believe it
You suck
You're wrong
You're so wrong
I can't believe you
What the hell
I can't believe
you like that thing
that I don't like

You say that you like this one rapper more than me but I think I like him the most
You say that you have been watching this one show because you like the host
You think that you know it all because you go on the internet
You think that you know so much shit about life because you have friends
Well I can't believe that
Track Name: Song From A Songbird
I think that I think that
I know that I know that
You think that I think that
You know what? I don't know...

A songbird once told me you'd like this song so I rewrote it for you.
Track Name: You're Not Welcome Here
You can't come back here
You can't come back
You're not welcome here
Good luck gettin back, Jack
You are not my friend and you're not my enemy
But you're nothing, you're nothing, you're nothing to me
When you're on your own
Don't even come back home
Because I don't think you're welcome here
No you're not, no you're not.