The Orchestra Of Hugo Stiglitz

by The Orchestra Of Hugo Stiglitz

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released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Breakfast Is Served
Now I don't know how you feel
About this whole ordeal
Only time will heal
Or just make everything worse
This whole time was a dream
Was it real? Or so it would seem
I can't even tell
Guess I'm going to Hell
Might as well write this song before then
And you'll know I am glad you were my friend
I don't feel so good now
I can't sleep anymore
There's no time for sleep.
I'm wasting my time on this
I don't have time for this shit.
I don't have time for this songwriting sad sack shit.
Track Name: A Perfect World
And when I see you, I really know I live in a perfect world
I live in a perfect world
If people like you exist then I'm okay with it
And I know that you want me to
That's just so crazy to me
And I live in a perfect world and I can take on anything
And I know that I just have some time to get away
And when I'm not singing, I'm just thinking of you
And I just just wanted to let you know I'm okay
And I just wanted to say that I'm okay
Track Name: I'm Here To Pick Up Skyrim
Track Name: But I Tigress
I wish I was a female tiger because then if I was talking to someone and I was getting off topic I could say “but I tigress,” and then kill and eat them because I am a tiger
Track Name: Stuck In Dreaming
I heard my parents say you're stuck in dreaming.